My tarot deck has been announced!

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👀 FIRST LOOK at Liminal 11's 2021 Tarot & Oracle publications! . 🖤 For more info + more images, visit! 🖤 . 🌞🌙 The Luna Sol Tarot 🌞🌙 by Liminal 11 co-founders @mikemedaglia & @darren_shill will be BACK in a new edition with improved packaging and cardstock! APRIL 2021. . 🌱🌳The New Chapter Tarot 🌱🌳 is a self-portrait of change that’s rich in sacred geometry, mythology, and symbolism by @kathrynbriggscomics, with a foreword by the phenomenal #RachelPollack! MARCH 2021. . 😈🎶 Mystical Medleys: A Vintage Cartoon Tarot 😈🎶 by @nemons_clothing is inspired by the iconic cartoons of the 1930s! SEPTEMBER 2021. . 🌾🔮The Seed and the Sickle Oracle 🌾🔮 by @rosdottir centres on the cycle of sowing and harvest, exploring themes of productivity and rest. OCTOBER 2021 . The Oracle Creator by @stevenbrightuk is the modern guide to creating and publishing your own tarot or oracle deck! NOVEMBER 2021. . Stay tuned for more on all of these amazing projects! Sign up for updates at . 🖤 For more info + more images, visit! 🖤 . . . . #tarot #oracle #tarotcommunity #tarot2021 #illustration #divination #dailytarot #taroteverydamnday #tarotdecks #tarotcards #tarotdeck #oracledeck #oracledecks #oraclecards #tarotcollector #oraclecollector #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram

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My tarot deck was officially announced! It’ll be out in the world March 2021 through the excellent folks at Liminal 11.  Working with everyone there has  been an absolute dream. I kind of take it for granted that comics is lonely work, so I’m processes a lot of FEEELLLIINNNGGSSS about a publishing team being so nice and supportive and enthusiastic about my work.

Anyway, focus! Be a businessowner and not a pile of mush for a damn minute lol.  The New Chapter Tarot will be available in the US, UK, and Canada and I’m sure Europe as well.  You can sign up to the Liminal 11 newsletter to be notified when pre-orders open

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