Triskelion Issue #5

It’s a basic story – A Hero, A Victim, A Villain.  But what happens when archetypes join forces to catapult their timeless narrative beyond the confines of beginning-middle-end and into a realm of consciousness that transcends the roles they were born to play?

Triskelion follows a goddess of Wisdom, a sea-witch with immeasurable power, and an innocent girl and her cat as they unite ancient story with a post-modern quest for persona.  Gnothi Seauton!

Triskelion Issue #5: Queen of Cups is the final installment of the series, as Circe, Athena, and the victim they have each laid claim to are ushered beyond History’s temple.  A mystical and much misunderstood feminine force awaits them: woman whole unto herself.

Available as a 28 page comic

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