Triskelion Issue #3

It’s a basic story – A Hero, A Victim, A Villain.  But what happens when archetypes join forces to catapult their timeless narrative beyond the confines of beginning-middle-end and into a realm of consciousness that transcends the roles they were born to play?

Triskelion follows a goddess of Wisdom, a sea-witch with immeasurable power, and an innocent girl and her cat as they unite ancient story with a post-modern quest for persona.  Gnothi Seauton!

Triskelion Issue #3: Meet Your Maker plunges into the realm of villainy, as an innocent victim attempts to escape the fate History has dealt her. Unwelcome friendships are forged out of necessity, and uneasy alliances are broken when Circe’s true motivations are revealed.

Available as a 28 page comic