Magpie: The Collected Edition

Released by Throwaway Press, “Magpie: A Collection of Short Comics” includes everything appearing in Magpie Issues 1 & 2, plus eight new, never before seen shorts.

Immigration woes, Shakespeare scenes, the struggle to find meaning in trauma; these short comics are unique experiments in sequential art and poignant glimpses into creative life.

“She draws like Alan Moore writes” – Bobsy, Silence! Podcast

“The measured simplicity of the artwork, coupled with the honesty of the story is gripping” – Haydn Hades, A Place to Hang Your Cape

“Kathryn’s work is lyrical, earthy and surreal… each page hums with magic. Read this and open the strange, overgrown door inside your head” – Dan McDaid

Available as a 96 page comic

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