Sliced Quarterly: An Experimental Comic Anthology


Sliced Quarterly is an amazing comic anthology that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 3 issues.  They feature 2-4 page shorts by UK based creators that really push the boundaries of what comics can be.  After a successful year of digital only releases, they are now Kickstartering a combined paperback of issues 1-4; 120+ pages of experimental comics, including three short comics by me.

There are some fab rewards, including a few by me, so please do check it out!

Call for Pitches

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and artist Holly Keasey and I are launching an open call for contributions to an anthology focused on role of aesthetics within the long-term processing of direct experiences of physical and psychological abuse.

Contributions can be writing, art, comics, or anything in between so long as they are no more than 4 A5 pages and are B&W.  Also, we’re not really interested in pieces that recount experiences of abuse; what we’re after is how creative people use their work to process these experiences.  We’re just looking for pitches right now, so you have loads of time to create your idea.

Check out our Creative Scotland call out for more information about the project and how to apply.

Autumn Con apperances

This autumn we’ll be busy jet-setting around the UK (and by jet-setting I mean lugging suitcases full of books onto various trains) to attend 4 different cons.

First up, Lakes International Comic Arts Festival in Kendal on 15-16 October

Next, Fort Con in beautiful Fort William on 22 October

Followed quickly by Ex Libris Book Fair on 23 October

And after a wee break to recover, Edinburgh Comic Art Festival in Edinburgh on 26-27 November

Hope to see you there!

Freshly launched Patreon

So, I’m trying something new…

Patreon is a way to support artists and creatives on a monthly basis, giving them a wee bit of help to cover materials and costs as they work on bigger projects. It’s not a big investment – $1 a month makes you a patron of the arts. I’m a patron to a few super awesome projects myself, and I love it.

I’ve set up a page for myself now, see how it goes. If you’d like to come along on a magical comics journey with me, I’m offering an inside look at the process of creating my big and small comics projects (as well as free digital comics, rebates on physical copies, and even a monthly love letter from Scotland).

Thanks for checking it out!