Dirty Rotten Comics Issue 10

Cover by Lucie Ebrey

Dirty Rotten Comics Issue 10 is ~full color~ and ~maximum awesome~ and includes my latest short. “Arrival” is about finding out I’d finally gotten my UK visa while waiting for a connection at Preston station. It’s out tomorrow and pre-orders are open now!

DRC10 is not to be missed, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve got a short in it. If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toe into creator-owned indie comics, Dirty Rotten Comics features an awesome variety of UK comics talent.

Page from “Arrival”

Interview with a Comic Book Creator: Kathryn Briggs

Granite City Comic Culture

Book20170218_130735“Where is the heroic feminine? What does she look like?” These are the questions that American born comic book artist and writer Kathryn Briggs is trying to answer in her comic series, ‘Triskelion’.

Kathryn, originally from Philadelphia in America, is the author and artist for Story(cycle), Triskelion, Anatomy of a Broken Heart and many other amazing comic books and art work, which I had the pleasure of seeing in person when I met her at a sketching and signing session just recently.

When I first meet Kathryn she is warm and friendly, and instantly strikes up a conversation with me well before the interview takes place. For my first interview with a comic book artist/creator I feel instantly comfortable and incredibly interested in discussing the work that she is here to launch, as well as her previous works. I was also lucky enough to purchase two of her comics…

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Edinburgh Comic Art Festival- Kathryn Briggs 

A lovely live review of Triskelion from this year’s Edinburgh Comic Arts Featival

The Art of Katski Vhittlkov

Frisson Comics are currently exhibiting at the first ever Edinburgh Comic Art Festival with our first book and zines. While I’m here I’m doing some shopping for unusual comics to add to the collection. Of course Triskelion by Kathryn Briggs stands out.

I was immediately drawn to the fine art quality of her work, reminiscent of the likes of Dave Mckean and Bill Sienkiewicz (the artists who originally got me into comics)

Her work has a gorgeous mixed media approach, offering the reader a tactile engrossing experience in the work.

I had an intriguing conversation with Briggs when buying her comics about her work. She explained to me that she originally trained in fine art and transitioned to comics because it removed the barrier between art and viewer, she also told me that she’s interested in exploring the idea of a feminine hero through her work (the definition of which…

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Sliced Quarterly: An Experimental Comic Anthology


Sliced Quarterly is an amazing comic anthology that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 3 issues.  They feature 2-4 page shorts by UK based creators that really push the boundaries of what comics can be.  After a successful year of digital only releases, they are now Kickstartering a combined paperback of issues 1-4; 120+ pages of experimental comics, including three short comics by me.

There are some fab rewards, including a few by me, so please do check it out!

Call for Pitches

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and artist Holly Keasey and I are launching an open call for contributions to an anthology focused on role of aesthetics within the long-term processing of direct experiences of physical and psychological abuse.

Contributions can be writing, art, comics, or anything in between so long as they are no more than 4 A5 pages and are B&W.  Also, we’re not really interested in pieces that recount experiences of abuse; what we’re after is how creative people use their work to process these experiences.  We’re just looking for pitches right now, so you have loads of time to create your idea.

Check out our Creative Scotland call out for more information about the project and how to apply.