Interview with a Comic Book Creator: Kathryn Briggs

Granite City Comic Culture

Book20170218_130735“Where is the heroic feminine? What does she look like?” These are the questions that American born comic book artist and writer Kathryn Briggs is trying to answer in her comic series, ‘Triskelion’.

Kathryn, originally from Philadelphia in America, is the author and artist for Story(cycle), Triskelion, Anatomy of a Broken Heart and many other amazing comic books and art work, which I had the pleasure of seeing in person when I met her at a sketching and signing session just recently.

When I first meet Kathryn she is warm and friendly, and instantly strikes up a conversation with me well before the interview takes place. For my first interview with a comic book artist/creator I feel instantly comfortable and incredibly interested in discussing the work that she is here to launch, as well as her previous works. I was also lucky enough to purchase two of her comics…

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