The Fairy Tale, Epilogue

This is a serialized story, Part 1 can be found here

At long last, it was time to part ways. The-evening-star-in-winter said goodbye to her friend and began her journey east into the land of her people, bearing gifts and promises of friendship from The Castle of Bridges, as well as a handsome captain of the guard. The Wandering Brother found home at last by the side of The Keeper’s eldest daughter, and they pushed further into the Northwest forest, finding peace and wildness. Ships needed to be built, but when they were ready the residents of The Castle of Bridges begged The-moon-as-it-is-waxing to stay as their honored storyteller. She had made a promise to her people, she replied, and she could not forget them. She welcomed the sea as her sister, the wind as her brother and the stars as her dearest friends. And when the many weeks had passed, and she stood again on the sands of her home in the arms of her family her soul breathed a sigh of relief as she looked upon them. I have a story to tell you, she began…


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