The Fairy Tale, Part 21

This is a serialized story, Part 1 can be found here

It was a clear, cloudless day, and as The-evening-star-in-winter, The-moon-as-it-is-waxing, and the daughter of The Castle of Bridges began their decent from the mountains and turned northwest they could just make out in the distance an ominous, bristling cloud of dust as it issued from The City of Legend. There will be no rest in this land until Death takes a reaping to satisfy an Emperor, the daughter of The Castle of Bridges sighed, and Imperial millstones are broad, and Imperial tables broader. We must reach the walls of my father before they do. She, Moon, and Star were light footed, taking hidden paths and boggy trails that heavy siege engines and cavalry would never dare to cross. They traveled from gloaming til dawn; resting lashed to tree limbs in the canopy, slipping from shadowy copse to sheltered ravine. Sneaking, sliding, and scuttling through the increasingly verdant terrain, their spirits raised by the urgency of adventure and the heroic fables Moon spun even in her exhaustion. She felt the worth of her life flow through her; it pushed her limbs forward, it pulled her spirit on.


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