The Fairy Tale, Part 19

This is a serialized story, Part 1 can be found here

In The City of Legend, the Heart of the Empire, where the Grace of The Incarnation of Justice fell ever on the True Hearts of the Loyal and the Pure Minds of the Faithful, The Emperor, in His Inestimable Judgment, attempted a return to normalcy. And to prove without a doubt that The Empire could not possibly be disturbed by the trouble of two women, The Emperor made the most public procession possible to his garden of tributes. He came dripping in gold and feathers, draped in perfume and adulation. The tribute from the forests of the East looked particularly fetching this day; indeed, her poise, her charms had never shone so exquisitely before this very hour. Her coy flattery beyond compare, her limbs that seemed to pass through jeweled water, her eyes rapacious, her lips demure; The Emperor spent a golden afternoon. He was startled awake by a whisper that bristled alarmingly with hatred. She was my friend, the most beautiful woman of the Eastern forests declared with wrath and pain in equal measure, It is the Law of like begets like, that a small prick could only be brought down by its like, and she plunged the pin of a brooch deeply into his neck, leaving the jewel to dangle in his surging royal blood as one more ornament to his prestige. She strode with open, bloodied palms into the courtyard to greet his guards. The Emperor is dead, she announced, and deserves no better. Justice fell upon her swiftly.


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