The Fairy Tale, Part 15

This is a serialized story, Part 1 can be found here

In the time before memory, The-moon-as-it-is-waxing began sleepily, there was only our Mother the Earth and our Father the Sky. They ran on infinitely together, never touching, and there were no growing things, neither were their stars; there was Day, Night, and Dust, triple sisters of Fate. Then one lonely night a star appeared in the Sky and fell thundering to the Earth, uniting them for but a moment. When Day dawned on her Mother she found her swollen with the First Mountain; greater and greater the Mountain grew until at last all the Waters of the World burst forth from the Cave of Beginning followed by all the growing things, and all the moving things. But they were not as we know them now – they were still and lifeless, like beautifully carved statues of wood. Our Mother cried for her lifeless children until all the Seas were salted by her tears and all the stars came creeping close out of the darkness to take pity on her sadness. So clustered were they that many of them were dislodged from the sky and came tumbling down to the Earth to be swallowed by the silent statues and thereby bring them to life. The First Mountain now was covered in life; the growing things, the moving things, and the dreaming things – Women and Men. All around them was the Sea, which was theirs to have, and the Life of the Mother Island, and the Stars of the Father Sky, watching and waiting to fall to ease the sadness of Creation and to guide it forward in troubled times. Will they guide us now?, mumbled The-evening-star-in-winter, as she shifted against the rock. Of course, sighed Moon, they will tell me how to take you home, they will not forget us.


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