The Fairy Tale, Part 14

This is a serialized story, Part 1 can be found here

Through the perilous and pristine infinite corridors of the Palace of the Emperor The-evening-star-in-winter and The-moon-as-it-is-waxing had finally found their way down the narrow, cluttered Servant’s Stair and out into the neglected non-space of the City of Legend’s infrastructure. Perhaps because they were fooling themselves, perhaps because it had simply never been attempted before, the escape from the garden of the rarest and most precious of women had been unthinkably easy. Piece by piece, the dismantled necklace of the woman of the Western Isle bought them all they would need for their journey home. At the final gate of the City of Legend, the center stone, still bearing the faint marks of the Treasury of the Emperor, bought them unquestioned passage through the cold, hard walls girded with iron teeth. The scales of their captivity fell from their eyes, and they saw the stars as they had never seen them before. They set their march toward the foothills of the mountains that ringed the Valley of Sun; a necessary, yet dangerous course on their road to the North where Star could be reunited with her people and Moon could acquire ship and crew for her long journey into the East. By daybreak they were sheltered from prying eyes in a cave in the hills; backs propped against cold, damp stone, feet throbbing, stomachs gnawing in protest, neither could remember feeling so alive. And Moon’s heart opened again, surging through her throat and bursting through lips that could barely keep pace as she conjured all her waylayed art to tell Star a story of her people:


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