The Fairy Tale, Part 1

Lately, as a fun stress-relieving escapist activity, I’ve been writing a fairy tale.  I had the notion to present it as blog posts, one paragraph of the story at a time  and see what happens.  So, without further ado, here’s the first post as a test…….

There was once an ancient empire. Crossing into the ends of the earth, it was crowned with a City of Legend, built solely to house the grandeur of the Ruler of all Kings, the Commander of the Elements, the Incarnation of Justice, the High Caliph of the Law: The Emperor. In his palace of high smooth walls there was a garden fenced with towering white marble where he kept the most beautiful woman from each of his many dominions. They were paid to him in tribute, every 10 years, chosen by the people of their native land, and reflected the many ways in which the subjects of the Empire understood the word “beauty”. The tall, proud people of the North sent their bravest woman; she was fierce and pure of heart. There was a woman more graceful than a swan gliding across a mirrored pond in springtime, sent from the jeweled forests of the East. There was a woman with round, clear eyes and a heart filled with kindness from the Isles in the West and a woman with a broad laughing smile and agile wit from the plains of the South. There was a woman from the rocky steppes who could bend sunlight around her curving hips and melt butter with the arch of her eyebrow. There were women from each corner of the empire, each a prize, each a walking demonstration of the might and reach of the Emperor.


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