Script -> Sketching

Well, a lot of life has happened between blog updates…suffice it to say things are moving, but moving a slower than hoped.  Sometimes having a project to work on was the only thing to keep me sane, but I do have those pesky over-achiever tendencies.

So, script: done.  I sent out a few meek calls for editors, since I’ve never had the experience of working with one.  But, being broke as I am, tempting one to work for pie and gratitude didn’t exactly entice a flood of eager contributors.  Self editing went pretty well after some feedback from friendly husbeast, and I decided to get sketching and work through the kinks in the text as I went.  This seems to be a good method for me, since drawing takes me much longer than writing, and I get to sit with the language I’ve cobbled together for longer.

Then, sketching.  I’m doing this book with sort of traditional comic-y panels, as you can see.Panelseses

All very well and good, and proving to be challenging and fun.  I’m composing things two pages at a time, since the book has two parallel narratives; one page had white gutters, the other had black.  This is turning into a really fun exercise for me, but I have to admit I’m still skeptical about my ability to do the whole sequential art business.  This probably has to do with all the life stuff vaguely mentioned above, which has left me feeling just plain knocked off course on all fronts, specifically the art front, so maybe I just need to relax and be nice to myself…easier said than done 😛

Anyway, getting close to halfway done already on the sketching process!  I took the holidays off to mostly sleep and eat, so I’m looking forward to digging into the next round of pages.  Let’s go 2014!

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